10 Ways Brands Can Use ChatGPT for Growth

10 Ways Brands Can Use ChatGPT for Growth

If you’ve been anywhere near social media over the past couple of months, you’ve probably come across ChatGPT. Attracting over 1 million users in its first week, this clever chatbot quickly earned a reputation as the internet’s most exciting release of 2022. In this article, we’ll explore how you can make the most of Chat GPT and ensure your business remains competitive in an increasingly automated world.  

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that automatically generates text based on information drawn from across the internet. Developed by the non-profit research organization OpenAI, the program has been praised for producing clear and well-written prose and helping users solve answers to complex problems. 

While ChatGPT’s output is undoubtedly impressive, it’s worth noting that it’s still in its development phase and occasionally makes factual mistakes. What’s more, Google tends to penalize websites that publish auto-generated content, with some tech experts speculating it will soon start competing with ChatGPT. As such, we don’t recommend delegating all your marketing and communications tasks to a chatbot just yet. However, there are many savvy ways you can ChatGPT to streamline content-writing processes and boost productivity. 

How you can use ChatGPT to supercharge your business

Whether you’re a firmly established corporation or a growing startup, ChatGPT is a user-friendly and cost-effective tool for significantly enhancing your content output. Here are a few ways to use the program to your advantage:

1. Generate relevant keywords

Keyword research represents the bedrock of search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring your online content climbs to the top of search engines like Google. However, coming up with creative keywords that align with your customers’ needs can be time-consuming and frustrating. With ChatGPT, marketers can generate heaps of relevant synonyms based on root keywords. Say, for example, you want to publish a landing page for organic pet food. You can simply ask ChatGPT to come up with alternatives to the phrase ‘organic pet food’, and it will churn out a list of related words such as ‘natural pet food’, ‘healthy pet meals’, or ‘organic pet nutrition’. You can then use these keywords in your landing page, as well as your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and blog posts. 

2. Write draft blog posts

ChatGPT can help you get started with blog posts. While we don’t recommend using entirely AI-generated content for your website, ChatGPT is excellent for overcoming the writer’s block many people face when confronted with an empty page. Start by providing the title of the blog post and asking the chatbot to write a draft. Then, you can start rewording and restructuring the piece, ensuring it aligns with your brand and prevents SEO issues. 

3. Perfect your coding capabilities

An increasing number of marketers are required to use coding in their day-to-day tasks. For many, this task can be daunting, particularly if they’re not confident in math and computing. ChatGPT can help marketers write small lines of code by removing any errors. 

4. Conduct research

Most marketers use Google as their first port of call when conducting research. With ChatGPT on the scene, however, you can generate instant answers to complex questions without trawling through hundreds of web pages. Of course, you can’t always rely on ChatGPT’s answers, so you’ll need to conduct extra research to verify the information. However, this process is often much quicker and more targeted compared to traditional research methods. If you’re low on time and need to know how to carry out a technical task, for example, ChatGPT can provide step-by-step instructions that save time and help you hit your deadlines.

5. Send more compelling and persuasive emails

Many marketing and sales professionals find themselves sending many emails in a day. With so many stakeholders to impress, it can be tricky to craft perfectly worded communications that encourage them to engage with your brand and drive growth. Fortunately, ChatGPT can do most of the hard work for you. Simply draft the email – including all the relevant information you wish to convey – and ask ChatGPT to rewrite it using a relevant tone of voice. You may be surprised at how well the program can transform your prose into something slick and professional. 

6. Come up with headlines and slogans

Developing catchy headlines, campaign names, or slogans for your marketing strategy can be slow and painful – especially if you’re indecisive. With ChatGPT, you can reduce how much time you spend wracking your brains by asking the bot to come up with a list of potential options. AI is capable of generating phrases that roll off the tongue and satisfy search engine algorithms. So, remember to enlist the help of ChatGPT next time you need a headline for your blog post or podcast!

7. Structuring content

One of the most frustrating aspects of writing an article or blog post is the need to produce sophisticated prose that flows well. To ensure your blog post is easy to follow, ask ChatGPT to provide a structured outline for an article about your desired topic. Then, you can start fleshing it out with your own prose. This approach can even help generate sub-topics you may not have considered.

8. Personalizing content

Are you planning to send a host of personalized messages to different audiences? Rather than write every message individually, why not ask ChatGPT to tailor your writing for each demographic. In this way, you can save time by writing one message and using AI to produce several bespoke versions. 

9. Improve customer service provisions

Many customer service chatbots are starting to use ChatGPT to improve consumer experiences and produce better responses to queries. As well as making chatbot responses more friendly and compelling, ChatGPT can significantly cut response times and ensure customer issues are resolved efficiently. Chatbots can also nurture leads by producing answers based on previous user enquiries and ensuring follow-up questions are tailored to the customer’s needs.  

10. Create viral social media content

With so many tasks on your marketing list, it’s easy to forget the importance of maintaining a strong social media presence. Fortunately, ChatGPT is more than capable of crafting exciting social media posts that encourage follower engagement and – if you’re lucky – help your brand go viral for at least a few hours. Of course, you may need to do a little editing to ensure you achieve the right tone of voice. However, if you struggle to fit a message into 280 characters or fewer, ChatGPT represents a savvy solution.

Looking to harness the power of ChatGPT? Bell Interactive is here to help!

While ChatGPT may seem a little daunting at first, it has the potential to unlock new growth opportunities and ensure your brand remains competitive. As AI becomes more normalized across the digital space, you’ll benefit from adopting new technologies at an early stage in their development. 

If you need help and advice to develop your marketing strategy, our team has got you covered. Reach out today to discover more about our work surrounding content production, brand development, and much more!

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