5 Brands That are Crushing Content in 2021

5 Brands That are Crushing Content in 2021

There is always a lot of room for improvement in content marketing.

And if you feel like your brand could do with a bit of a refresh, then our guide right here can help.

Let’s discover together how these five, global brands are currently nailing their content marketing strategy.

Prepare to feel inspired!

1. The Best Hub: Hubspot

If you are a marketer and are not using HubSpot yet, then you are missing out – big time.

This incredible platform is an absolute goldmine of resources for marketing experts and aficionados – from blog posts to ebooks, from online courses to partner programs and development tools, there is something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at one of their latest blogs, for example, “How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide”.

Right from its title, the post demonstrates clarity, and answers a stringent question that many (all?) of us have asked ourselves, at least once: how the heck do I go about creating great blog content that compels and converts?

Well, HubPost chooses to tell you how to write a great blog post… by writing a great blog post. 

The platform even goes a step forward and provides you with a range of free blog post templates. 

This is something that HubPost does consistently across its entire website when it comes to content.

Not only does it offer high-quality information and guidance, but it also includes practical, effective samples and use cases.

One of the best ways to nail your content marketing strategy is by combining demonstrable expertise with tangible solutions – and HubSpot excels at this.

2. Amazing SEO: Neil Patel

Neil Patel is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the world gurus in all things marketing.

His website is a seemingly endless source of constantly up-to-date, relevant information on digital marketing, presented in a clear, concise, and convincing way.

What we particularly like about Neil is his approach to SEO.

The guy is a real SEO wiz, and he demonstrates that by crafting SEO-related content that spans “how-tos”, blog posts, data and stats, and more.

Even before you get to the meat of Neil’s website, you can realize how committed he is to YOUR success through his mastery of SEO.

Don’t believe us? Try navigating to his website. 

A giant question will appear on the screen: “Do you want more traffic?”

Followed by a CTA that specifically addresses businesses in YOUR location (he is so accurate that you might begin to think he’s sitting right behind you).

The result? You can’t but feel urged to input your website URL and let Neil work his SEO magic. 

Of course, only part of it is going to be free – the rest is part of a paid program.

Still, Neil’s way to construct content all around his customers’ businesses is so attractive and persuasive that it’s hard to complain about having to pay a few dollars for his help.

3. Engaging Instagram Content: Stitch Fix

The clothing brand that purports to design “a shopping experience created just for you” couldn’t find a better place than Instagram to showcase its real essence.

Stitch Fix is a hyper-social brand, and as such it has rightly focused its content marketing efforts on social media – Instagram, in particular.

Once you visit its account, you will immediately be greeted by a lot of images showing VNP – very normal people. 

Stitch Fix promotes individuality and creativity across all the so-called barriers of traditional fashion, including size, shape, age, ethnicity, physical ability, and more.

The brand regularly engages with its ever-growing following by posting unfiltered, relatable, and mood-boosting videos as well as fun and useful outfit pairings for different occasions and seasons.

The name of the game, at Stitch Fix, is inclusivity, and this is a value that strikes a chord with an increasing number of online consumers these days.

By making everyone feel welcome, and feel worthy of a curated, personalized shopping experience, Stitch Fix is going to keep growing and attracting people.

4. The Quiz Wiz: Wizarding World

Calling all fans of the Harry Potter saga! 

This magical and fun website is a real treasure trove of anything Potter-related.

You will find resources about the books, the movie saga, the theatrical renditions, and so much more – but it’s the quiz section that truly worked its magic on us.

This is a brilliant example of great content marketing that truly speaks to its audience by putting its “wizarding knowledge to the test”.

Users can scroll down and select the quiz topic that they prefer to take a Harry Potter-themed quiz completely for free. 

The bottom line? Harry Potter fans will end up flocking to this website on a regular basis, and spending more and more time on its quiz pages.

In marketing terms, this translates into higher traffic and longer dwell times, both of which are crucial aspects for content marketing success.

5. Star Content: Starbucks

Last but not least, let’s take a sip… oops, a look, at Starbucks.

The American coffeehouse chain nails its content marketing by excelling at blog and Instagram content.

For example, just look at Starbucks Stories, a section on the website that features stories and news about the brand and any topics that are relevant to the world of coffee.

With simple, crisp, and impactful images, and SEO-optimized texts, these stories capture the attention of the reader and make them long for a cup of seasonal Frappuccino.

Are you still reading, or are you already headed to your nearest Starbucks?

Is YOUR Brand Nailing Content Marketing?

If you, too, would like to nail content marketing like these brands, then we need to chat. The team at Bell Interactive can help you create a bulletproof content marketing strategy – call us today. 


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