Copywriting is the Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy

If you are a marketing professional and are not spending most of your time on copywriting, then you are seriously missing out. Effective, intentional, and well-crafted marketing copy is arguably the most foundational component of your marketing strategy. Putting copy at the top of your priority list should be a no-brainer.

But what is copywriting? And what specifically is marketing copy? What kind of benefits can you expect to gain from it? Our guide right here has all the answers.

What Is Marketing Copy?

Before we even begin to explain why marketing copy is so vital for any business – including yours – it’s essential to define what it is. In general, copywriting is a type of writing that is aimed at convincing the readers to take action.

In the case of marketing, copywriting includes all content – from blogs to websites, from social media captions to advertisements and case studies – that is crafted to persuade an audience to check out a brand’s product or service. Ultimately, the aim is for that piece of content to lead the reader to a purchase now or at some point in the future.

Now that you know what copywriting is, let’s reveal some of the most impressive benefits that you can expect to achieve with good copy.

The Top Five Benefits of Copywriting for Your Marketing Strategy

It is no secret that excellent marketing copywriting can generate a huge range of benefits, but we have decided to narrow them down to what we believe are some of the most important ones.

1.    Helping You Create Your Unique Brand Identity

Whether you are a new brand or a well-established company, your unique brand identity is an essential aspect of your corporate DNA that helps you sharpen your competitive edge, attract more customers, and sell more products or services.

And what better than a talented digital copywriter to help you convey exactly what your brand is, what it stands for, and how it connects to its audience? With help from a professional copywriter, you can identify and strengthen your brand tone of voice, and use it across all of your marketing assets.

This creates a cohesive, original, and convincing identity that lays the foundation for a great brand.

2.    Building Great Customer Relations

Any piece of writing is, essentially, a way to communicate with an audience. By choosing specific words, phrases, and styles, you will be able to use copywriting as a tool to connect with your customers in an authentic and profound manner.

Copywriting doesn’t just allow you to show how awesome your products or services are. It also – and most importantly – aims to show your audience how those products or services can change their lives for the better. This, in turn, leads your customers to feel attracted and connected to your brand on an emotional level, which makes them more likely to purchase from you instead of from a competitor.

3.    Establishing Authoritativeness and Professionalism

Spotless, error-free pieces of marketing writing are great at showcasing how serious, competent, and trustworthy your brand is. If you are willing to invest time and money in professional copywriting to promote your products or services, customers will instantly view you as an authoritative, reliable company – one that is worth buying from.

4.    Boosting the User Experience

Today, most content that copywriters produce ends up on digital platforms and channels. This means that, a beautifully curated piece of copy can also dramatically enhance the user experience across all these digital media.

When creating your copy, remember to make it as personalized, easy-to-read, and interactive as possible, as this will hugely boost the experience your audience has with your brand.

5.    Supporting Your SEO Rankings

What do all brands want? To rank high in SERPs (search engine results page). And guess what? Ending up on Google’s first page of search results largely depends on factors such as great copywriting.

As you probably know, Google rewards original, informative, and authentic content by bumping it right to the top of its search results. Good-quality, long-form, SEO-rich content is Google’s best friend – and one of the reasons why you should prioritize professional copywriting in your marketing strategy.

When choosing a copywriter or copywriting agency, make sure that they have plenty of experience with SEO. Things like keywords and metadata, in fact, are vital for your copywriting efforts to work as you expect them to.

Grow Your Business with Marketing Copywriting

Far from being just a few catchy phrases put together in a fun, attractive way, copywriting is one of the best tools you have when it comes to marketing strategy.

Care to know even more about how copywriting can support your business growth? Get in touch with our team today, and discover how we can help your business grow through unique and differentiated marketing strategies.

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