How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence For Successful Content Marketing

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Great content rarely begins with a blank page. Often, it starts with research (planning topics and finding keywords) before the actual content is created. Then come a host of content strategies like testing landing pages, personalizing, publishing schedule, and more.

Sounds yawn-worthy, doesn’t it? What if we told you there was a way to bring magic back into the content creation process? A way to automate the mundane and research-intensive tasks and still have content that resonates with your audience? A way to reduce errors and risks, meet your deadlines, free up your time, and get ROI on your marketing spends?


Artificial intelligence has found its way into most business operations, including the field of content marketing. And why not? Everything we know about our customers is data. And who better to run through data and offer meaningful, actionable insight than a customized AI content marketing program?

Read on to learn more about how successful marketers use artificial intelligence in content marketing!

AI Content Marketing: 8 Smart Ways for Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Use these eight ways to boost your company’s content marketing efforts through AI content marketing tools:

1. Customized CTAs

Every marketing message comes with a call to action (CTA). These appear straightforward and easy to write, but they are not. Data shows that personalized CTAs lead to better conversions as compared to basic. This is because smart CTAs are tailored to an individual and can adapt depending on the customer’s location and browser language.

So why not use an AI content creator to optimize your CTA by analyzing the content message and the audience it’s created for?

2. Spotting New Trends

AI tools can help marketing teams spot new trends and opportunities for content by analyzing what users are interested in. These powerful tools can also determine which customer segments should be included or excluded from your marketing campaigns.

By employing artificial intelligence content creation tools, you can understand what content your consumers will find relevant based on how they have interacted with your company’s website and social media in the recent past.

3. Generate Data-Driven Insights

By generating data-driven insights using AI, you’ll know exactly what works or doesn’t work with your audience. This data will help you develop interesting content that drives audience engagement.

AI does this by analyzing your content and sifting through hundreds of content pieces to understand what works and why. It can also recommend keywords to improve your SEO rankings and suggest relevant topics your audience is interested in consuming. Keeping your content up-to-date will now be a breeze with content optimization tools!

4. Boost The ROI Of Your Content

AI content marketing tools will let you categorize your content with tags related to your products and services. Even though the role of AI isn’t to replace manual tagging entirely, it does improve the overall chances of your content being seen by more people.

Short on time and ideas and need quick content? Use AI content marketing tools to understand which of your previous posts will perform well if recycled!

5. Provides An Alternative For A/B Testing

By using AI as a replacement for traditional A/B testing, you’re creating systems that self-optimize. These tools can also recommend the most helpful content for your current or future customers.

6. Create A Personalized Website Experience

Who doesn’t love a personalized online experience? Help your customers cut through all the “noise” by providing them with context-specific content.

Whether your business provides services or sells products, AI can analyze hundreds of data points about your users (demographics, location, device used to interact with the website, etc.).

By analyzing customer behavior and preference data, you can personalize push notifications and get the right message across to your audience, increasing response rates, customer engagement, and revenue.

7. Helps Users Recover Abandoned Carts

Customers often add items to their shopping carts and then abandon them. Such incidents may occur if your customer has accidentally closed the tab or momentarily lost interest in the purchase. They may even be facing power or internet issues. If that customer does return to your website, they would have to go through the trouble of reselecting items. And for most people, spending valuable time re-shopping is a deterrent. Why lose that sale?

With AI content marketing tools, you can send your customer an abandoned cart email. Alternatively, you can program your AI tools to send customized emails and messages to push sales based on your customers’ purchasing habits.

8. Predict Customer Engagement

This may sound utopian, but AI content marketing tools can help predict target audience reactions. This predictive analysis will allow you to curate content that resonates with your audience and drives more traffic to your website.

How does AI have the ability to do that?

Machine-learning algorithms can not only help collect data but also build a predictive model and test that model on real customers to see if it works. For instance, it can tell you which customers are difficult to re-engage with and which ones have a long-lasting relationship with your brand. This way, you can focus more on your loyal customers and incentivize them regularly to increase their lifetime value.


Incorporating AI into your overall content marketing plan doesn’t need to be daunting. By including simple techniques, you too can infuse your content with AI and enjoy the benefits of smart digital strategy.

By conceptualizing and curating relevant audience-building content and automatically generating reports, messages, email content, and social media content, it allows marketers to engage with their audience in a personalized and genuine way. The best part? Your consumers will respond to this interaction positively as you won’t be bombarding them with irrelevant information.

When planning to integrate AI in your overall content marketing plan, remember these three things:

  • Ensure that there is enough data for the algorithms to learn from
  • Look for ways (automated content creation, personalization, etc.) in which AI can make the greatest impact and boost revenue
  • Try not to personalize all your marketing messages – all content experiences should seem natural to your audience

Enjoy content marketing with AI!


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