Increase Email Open Rates: 5 Quick Tips

increase email open rates

Before you go and fix another meeting to save your declining click-through rate, take a minute and look at how to increase email open rates.

Are your open rates surprisingly low and declining rapidly? That’s unfortunately fairly common.

You’ll want to fix that first. After all, nobody can click on your link if they never see it in the first place! Getting your customers (potential and existing) to open your emails is a crucial step in the marketing process.

If you’re looking for a breakthrough, then you’re in luck – we’ve got five!

Let’s take a look at 5 quick tips that will help you increase email open rates.

5 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates

1) Remove Inactive Subscribers

You don’t want to waste your energy and bother customers who aren’t in the market for your product/service. Well, then you better start by clearing out inactive subscribers from your list.

Before you go ahead and do that, however, try winning them back. Re-engage inactive subscribers with a campaign to lure them back to your business.

If they get back to you, that’s great. If they don’t, go ahead and remove them from the list.

2) Personalize Your Email Subject Line

Personalization might be the next big marketing move of the century. Start making your email subject lines more consumer-focused – make them personal.

To make your emails more personalized you can start by segmenting your subscribers into lists. These lists can be based on their interests, purchases, response behavior, demographics, etc.

Then make highly relevant content and subject lines for each of these subscriber lists. This will actually target your audience’s needs and interests, vastly improving the click-through rate.

3) Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

47% of people check their emails on a mobile device. Do you know what happens to emails that aren’t optimized for mobile? They get deleted.

To avoid this fate with your marketing emails, make sure to optimize all your email content for mobile devices. Better yet, optimize all your marketing content for multiple devices – this will allow you to leverage content much quicker for your entire target audience.

4) Time It Right

Another factor to account for is timing.  After all, you don’t want your email to be at the bottom of your audience’s inbox when they are checking it. You want your email to be on the top of the list. Otherwise, by the time your audience reaches your email, they no longer have the energy or patience to read it.

Schedule your emails to reach your customer right when they’re checking their email inbox. You can also try running A/B tests to find the best time to increase email open rates.

Research the right window of time by looking up statistics for your industry and audience demographics – this will make sure that you reach potential customers when they’re most inclined to listen to you.

5) Stay Out of the Spam Folder

Lastly, ensure the emails you’re sending aren’t ending up in the spam folder. Most email spam is regulated by the CAN-SPAM Act, which aims to get rid of misleading or non-transparent marketing emails.

Be clear and direct with your subject lines, and perform test runs of your emails to ensure that they don’t get flagged immediately on arrival.

Summing it up

While watching a CTR plummet across any marketing channel can get frustrating, don’t lose hope. With a bit of careful planning and execution, these five tips should reverse your declining email open rate in no time.

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